Los Angeles Unified School District Drops $30M on iPads for Kids

Los Angeles Unified School District Drops $30M on iPads for Kids

On Tuesday, the Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education approved plans to spend $30 million to buy iPads for students. The teachers union is unhappy with the decision because they think the money would be best spent on rehiring furloughed union members. And Microsoft showed up to protest the decision, too, with company spokesperson Robin Hinz stating, “Microsoft is disappointed to learn that the district staff is recommending that only Apple iPad devices be utilized in the pilot phase of the common core technology project.”

LAUSD dismissed all criticism, stating that 35,000 iPads will be sent to 47 LAUSD schools, with the eventual goal of providing iPads to every single teacher and student.

LAUSD school currently clock in among the lowest in the state of California, meaning that they are some of the worst in the nation. Experiments in providing iPads to students in other parts of the world have ended with a good number of broken iPads.

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