NSA Leaker Seeks Asylum Where Julian Assange Found it

NSA Leaker Seeks Asylum Where Julian Assange Found it

When National Security Agency (NSA) leaker Edward Snowden left Hong Kong during the morning hours of June 23, it was believed he was going to make a stop in Russia and then on to Cuba. Now, it has become apparent he is seeking asylum from the same country that has keep Wikileaks founder Julian Assange safe for more than 365 days–Ecuador.

Earlier today, AFP tweeted: “Snowden has requested asylum in Ecuador.”

And USA Today is reporting: “Snowden has reportedly arrived in Moscow and may be headed to Venezuela, Cuba, or Ecuador with the help of Wikileaks.” They also said Snowden has admitted “he knew he’d be hunted down.”

Wikileaks’ Assange was hunted in the much the same way up till a year ago, when he took asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. And even under pressure from the British government to release Assange or face a British raid on the the embassy, “the Ecuadorian government [has] stood by its decision to grant asylum to Assange, vowing there would be no changes in his circumstances,” according to RT.com.

Snowden appears to be trying to gain a similar sense of security for himself at this time. 

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