Fail: Karl Rove Attack On Breitbart Gets Facts Wrong

Fail: Karl Rove Attack On Breitbart Gets Facts Wrong

On Monday, GOP political commentator Karl Rove sharply criticized a recent Breitbart News article on new language in the Senate amnesty bill. Appearing on FoxNews to defend the bill’s security provisions, Rove singled out a Breitbart story which appeared Friday as “simply not true.” Rove’s criticism, however, was factually incorrect. 

The article Rove attacked, detailed a new provision in the then-Corker-Hoeven amendment which would allow immigrants on work visas who overstayed their visas to still apply for a green card. In other words, breaking immigration law in the future would not prevent someone from getting on the “path to citizenship.”   

Rove claimed the article “turned out simply not to be true. It was very narrow provision that said if you’re from one of nine countries that get what’s called ‘Temporary Protective Status’ because of war or conflict inside your country, and you’ve been employed for ten years, the last ten years, you can, like every other person who’s here in the United States get in line to become a citizen, ultimately at the back of the line, and can’t happen for another ten years and so forth.” (emphasis added)

Rove, like many supporters of the Senate bill, clearly has not read the entire bill or simply misunderstands it. The language discussed in the Breitbart article had nothing to do with the TPS program or refugees from war-torn countries. The amendment allowing visa-overstays applies to the overwhelming majority of future immigrants in this country, what’s called the Merit Track-2 path. The CBO estimates that more than half the current 11 million illegals in this country will take this path to citizenship.

That is not a “very narrow provision.” Rove’s attempt to attack the Breitbart News article was totally inaccurate and wrong.