Pelosi: Republicans Have 'Spent Millions of Taxpayer Dollars Defending Bigotry'

Pelosi: Republicans Have 'Spent Millions of Taxpayer Dollars Defending Bigotry'

In a fundraising pitch to Democrat supporters, House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi called Americans bigots if they supported DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act. Pelosi wrote:

This is so inspiring!

The Supreme Court just ruled that the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional AND California will join 12 other states and Washington, DC in recognizing the fundamental rights of all families. Just think of what that means for loving LGBT families.

Yet even with today’s historic victory, our work is not done. We cannot rest until men and women in every state are granted equal rights. If you’re committed to ensuring that justice is done for every American, no matter who they love, now’s the time to say it.

Since 2009, Speaker Boehner and House Republicans have spent millions of taxpayer dollars defending bigotry — but together, we saw a huge victory for our movement for justice and equality.

This wasn’t an easy fight, and your grassroots support helped make today’s reaffirmation of equal justice under law possible.

And the latent threat to move farther along the path toward destroying traditional values was made blatant in her last line: “Let’s keep it going.”

Going where? The best guess is that the Democrats and their supporters will target religious organizations for extinction. Pelosi is only saying publicly what is soon to become a rallying cry against the religious: Keep it going.