Texas Chaos Illustrates Left's Increasing Reliance on 'Mob Rule'

Texas Chaos Illustrates Left's Increasing Reliance on 'Mob Rule'

It appears from the actions of pro-abortion supporters in Texas on Tuesday night, “mob rule” is now the preferred way the left conducts legislative business. Gov. Rick Perry has called a special session of the Texas legislature on July 1st for another vote on a bill that will ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy and set higher health standards for abortion clinics to be brought forward. 

It seems Obama’s Organizing for Action is quickly planning another “unruly mob” for that event.

State Sen. Wendy Davis (D) is being hailed as a new Democrat rock star for filibustering a bill that not only could save thousands of unborn babies’ lives but also the lives of their mothers from bacteria-laden Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics, as well as from the misdeeds of abortion facility staff members.

Rather than allow regular procedural rules guide the legislative process, Davis’ abortion supporters turned themselves into an “unruly mob,” interrupting the voting process after Davis did not meet the requirements of the filibuster, and preventing a vote by Republicans prior to midnight.

Apparently, Davis and her supporters really didn’t learn anything from the trial of convicted murderer, abortionist Kermit Gosnell. Nor does it seem they are truly concerned about “women’s health,” when women are being seriously injured and even dying in abortion clinics, while babies who could survive outside the womb are having their necks twisted off or their spines “snipped”–all for the left’s obsession with abortion.

Then again, should we expect them to really care about what actually happens to women and babies in abortion clinics? Abortion industry executives have already admitted to not informing authorities when patients complained to them about Gosnell’s clinic. The truth is they don’t care what happens inside these facilities; that they exist is good enough for them.

But, this “mob rule” government shouldn’t surprise us. Isn’t this what the Occupy movement was all about, as protesters prevented shop owners from conducting business, spread filth and disease throughout their compounds, and engaged in rape, drug trafficking, and other crimes?

How about the chaotic, union-led mobs in Wisconsin, destroying taxpayers’ property, shouting obscenities, and threatening representatives of the people and their families?

Of course, all of this “mob rule” comes with the White House seal of approval, à la Saul Alinsky–as long as Barack Obama himself does not get blamed for it directly.

The “unruly mob” that prevented the Texas legislature from completing its business was egged on by a tweet of support from the president himself. Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, also gave her approval, and the liberal media just ate the whole scene up.

Richards wrote in a piece in the Huffington Post entitled “A Standoff of Texas Proportion”:

Governor Perry and friends are fast tracking a bill that would essentially end access to safe and legal abortion throughout the state — but folks from El Paso to Texarkana are coming right back with their own message: Not without a fight. Folks are packing the Capitol, prepared to carry out a “citizens’ filibuster” if that’s what it takes to block the bill. They’re making such a splash that supporters across the country are sending pizza, coffee, and pillows in solidarity.

It’s a standoff of Texas proportion — and it isn’t necessarily pretty.

Richards says she is concerned about keeping “safe and legal abortion.”

What does she call “safe and legal abortion?”

  • Convicted murderer, abortionist Kermit Gosnell, “snipping” the spines of babies born alive during late-term abortions, babies and their parts in jars, and a patient dead from a botched abortion?
  • Abortionist Douglas Karpen in Texas, twisting the heads off babies born alive during late-term abortions?
  • How about Planned Parenthood’s own facility in New Mexico in which an employee was found, in an undercover investigation, to say the facility would “probably not” report statutory rape?

These events, and many more, are far from “safe and legal abortion,” and just as Richards–and her friends–euphemistically refer to abortion as “women’s reproductive healthcare,” chaotic “mob rule” sounds so much more poetic when it’s called a “citizens’ filibuster.”

And, as for things not being “pretty,” Richards should be sure to drop in on a late-term abortion some day.

Of course, if conservatives engaged in “mob rule,” they would be framed as gun-loving, Bible-thumping, Neanderthal extremists. When the left does it, it’s “this is what democracy looks like.” (By the way, notice how there is never an “unruly mob” when the Tea Party gets together?)

Fox News reported that in Texas, Davis spent most of her day on Tuesday “staging her filibuster, attracting wide support, including a mention from President Obama’s campaign Twitter account. Her Twitter following went from 1,200 in the morning to more than 20,000 by Tuesday night.”

During her filibuster, Davis was questioned by Sen. Bob Deuell, who introduced a requirement that abortions take place in surgical centers. Davis’ response to Deuell’s statement that the bill was about women’s health was to ask why vasectomies and colonoscopies aren’t also required to take place in such clinics, and questioned the motives of those who would require that abortions take place in surgical centers.

How about because late-term abortions require actually dismembering the body of an unborn baby inside the uterus, an act that not only leads to the death of “the other person in the room,” but can also lead to perforation of the uterus and hemorrhaging that could be life-threatening to the woman?

In the end, when Davis violated the filibuster rules, the GOP voted to end the filibuster minutes before midnight, leading to shouts and screams from protesters in the final 15 minutes before the deadline.

According to Fox News, Democrats said they chose Davis to lead their pro-abortion effort because of her background as being a teen mother who went on to graduate from Harvard Law School.

Once again, where’s the logic here? Isn’t that something to be proud of, that Davis persevered through a life struggle and became successful? That she allowed her child to have life? Where is the abortion-saved-my-life story here? Unless, of course, she actually wishes it had.

The left’s increased reliance on “mob rule” only further demonstrates that their issues no longer resonate with real Americans. Without any connection with most Americans, no words to articulate ideas that are meaningful to Americans, they are, more frequently than ever, resorting to chaos to attempt to drown out the other voices in the room.