Spitzer Running Against His Former Madam

Spitzer Running Against His Former Madam

Former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer, a Democrat whose political career collapsed after his involvement with prostitutes was uncovered forcing his resignation in 2008, announced late Sunday he is running for comptroller of New York City. Among others, Spitzer will be competing against libertarian candidate Kristin Davis–the now infamous former Manhattan Madam who supplied Spitzer and other power brokers throughout the political and high-class world with prostitutes. 

According to an April New York magazine article, Davis had entered the Comptroller race months ago so Spitzer knew he would be running against her when he announced his candidacy on Sunday night.

“I love public service,” Spitzer told the New York Daily News when announcing his bid to re-enter politics, albeit at a much lower level than he fell from. “I believe in it and hope I will be given a second chance.

“After being out of office for five years, thinking deeply, reflecting on what I was able to do when I was in government,” Spitzer added. “I’m going to try and seek the controller’s office and ask the public to consider me.”

However, Davis expects to have fun with Spitzer during the campaign. “This is going to be the funnest campaign ever,” she said. Davis went to prison for three months for her role in running the escort service that employed call girl Ashley Dupre. Dupre had identified Spitzer as “Client No. 9,” but Spitzer never faced any official repercussions for his solicitation of prostitutes and was not charged with any crimes.

“I’ve been waiting for my day to face him for five years,” Davis said, according to NYDN. “I sat…in Rikers Island, I came out penniless and nothing happened to him. The hypocrisy there is huge.”

For his part, though, Spitzer said he expects to be peppered with questions about the prostitution scandal. “I have no doubt there will be questions about that,” he said. “I have no hesitance about addressing those questions. They are fair questions. Life has peaks and valleys. The peaks are more fun, but the valleys are more educational.”