Trayvon's Father: I Couldn't ID Trayvon's Voice

Trayvon's Father: I Couldn't ID Trayvon's Voice

On Monday, the George Zimmerman defense called Tracy Martin, the father of Trayvon Martin. Tracy Martin testified that he said to police that he couldn’t tell if the screaming voice on the 911 tape was his son. That testimony was in direct conflict with Officers Christopher Serino and Doris Singleton of the Sanford Police Department, who said that Martin said that it was not the voice of his son on that tape. The testimony was also in conflict with the case the prosecution attempted to make that Tracy Martin had said “no” not in response to a question about Trayvon’s voice, but with regard to his disbelief at Trayvon’s death.

Martin said that he did not tell his ex-wife, Sybrina Fulton, about listening to the tape. He was present with Fulton listened to the tape in the office of the mayor of Sanford, but did not tell anyone in the room before listening to the tape what they were about to hear. “After listening to the tape twenty times,” Martin said, “I said it was Trayvon’s voice. I didn’t direct that towards any family members….I just decided to sit there and listen to it.”

Defense attorney Mark O’Mara asked if he had listened to the tape between the time Officer Serino played it for him and when the mayor played it for him. Martin answered in the negative.

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