Norquist: Steve King 'Anti-Immigrant,' Can't Win Statewide Race

Norquist: Steve King 'Anti-Immigrant,' Can't Win Statewide Race

On Wednesday, Grover Norquist slammed Rep. Steve King (R-IA), alleging his opposition to immigration reform is why King will never win a statewide election in Iowa. 

“He’s not electable statewide. The cost of Steve King is that he can be a congressman but never anything else. Never a governor,” Norquist said in an interview with Newsmax. “Never a senator — and other congressmen want to vote for what’s good for the country not just what’s good for the politics of their monochromatic districts.”

Norquist said King “could have been a senator if he hadn’t self-identified as anti-immigrant.”

He then said immigration reform legislation was “completely doable” this year and that it “doesn’t take a lot of time.”

“This is the year to vote,” Norquist said with a sense of urgency. He also alleged that small business and communities of faith were in favor of the bill along with big business, high-tech, and the establishment Republican leadership. 

King has been one of the fiercest opponents of comprehensive immigration reform. Appearing on Breitbart News’s exclusive broadcast of Monday’s D.C. March for Jobs rally that united conservatives and progressives of all races in opposition to a bill that could lower the wages of working class Americans, King urged amnesty opponents to pressure House Republicans, particularly those in Virginia, South Carolina, and Ohio during the August recess.