Opponents of 'Stand Your Ground' Call for Florida Boycott

Opponents of 'Stand Your Ground' Call for Florida Boycott

In the wake of the “not guilty” verdict in George Zimmerman’s trial, opponent’s of Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law are calling for a boycott of the Sunshine State.

Florida was the first of 20-plus states to institute “Stand Your Ground” laws. 

Prior to the passage of such laws, many states forced victims of violent crime to prove they tried to retreat before shooting their attacker. Under “Stand Your Ground,” the victim has the right to defend himself the moment he believes he is in danger of “imminent death or great bodily harm.”

According to the Miami Herald, opponents of these laws are now asking people to boycott Florida by not traveling there and not buying Florida oranges or other Sunshine State products. 

Stevie Wonder has joined the boycott and says he will continue his boycott until the “Stand Your Ground” law is abolished. 

Zimmerman’s attorneys did not even appeal to the “Stand Your Ground” law in defending Zimmerman in court; the jury declared him “not guilty” strictly on grounds of self-defense. 

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