Cuccinelli on McAuliffe Tax Returns: 'What Have You Got to Hide?'

Cuccinelli on McAuliffe Tax Returns: 'What Have You Got to Hide?'

During Virginia’s first gubernatorial debate on July 20, Republican Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli blasted Democrat Terry McAuliffe for his hypocrisy in not releasing his tax returns. 

Emphasizing that he has made eight years of his tax returns public, Cuccinelli asked McAuliffe to do the same. “So what have you got to hide?” Cuccinelli said. “Release your tax returns.”

During the 2012 presidential campaign, Democrats like McAuliffe accused Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney of hiding shady deals because he did not release his tax returns.

Cuccinelli made his comments during a discussion about the associations he and Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell have had with Star Scientific CEO Jonnie Williams. Virginia’s Attorney General implied that the Star Scientific scandal is more proof that “deal makers” like McAuliffe, widely known as an influence peddler who has been accused of selling access to the Lincoln bedroom during Bill Clinton’s presidency, should not be elected governor. 

“People need confidence in the commitment to transparency in the next governor,” Cuccinelli said.