Obama Continues Racial Zimmerman Narrative While Hispanics Targeted

Obama Continues Racial Zimmerman Narrative While Hispanics Targeted

Barack Obama continued to promote the evidence-free narrative that Trayvon Martin was racially profiled by Hispanic George Zimmerman in remarks made Friday. The President said, “few African-American men in this country who haven’t had the experience of being followed.” 

With Saturday’s spate of protests across the country organized by Al Sharpton, the unfortunate possibility of significant violence by protesters against Hispanics rears its ugly head. That’s especially true given this week’s rash of attacks by anti-Zimmerman protesters against passing Hispanics.

On Sunday night, Baltimore police received reports that a Hispanic male was beaten by anti-Zimmerman thugs stating, “This is for Trayvon.” On Monday night, Cuauhtemoc Negrete was beaten and robbed at an anti-Zimmerman protest because he is Hispanic.

According to the Los Angeles Times“City Terrace resident Cuauhtemoc Negrete said he was told: ‘You better blend in or you’re going to get hurt.’ The group eventually approached him, someone punched him in the head and another person stole his bicycle.” 

On Thursday evening, anti-Zimmerman protesters hurled rocks and bricks at passing cars. One witness explained, “Some [Latinos] drove by and were yelling at us, and you know how it is. [The protesters] didn’t like that.” 

There have also been repeated attacks on non-black Americans by anti-Zimmerman crowds, including a series of “bash mobs” in California.