Poll: Disapproval of ObamaCare Hits All-Time High of 54%

Poll: Disapproval of ObamaCare Hits All-Time High of 54%

A CBS News poll released Tuesday backs up yesterday’s poll that shows that the public’s souring on ObamaCare continues to increase. A full 57% now  want all or part of the president’s signature achievement repealed, up from 48% last October.

Of that 57%, 39% want all of ObamaCare repealed; 18% want only the individual mandate repealed.

Only 36% want the law to stay in place or be expanded. This is down from 43% in October.

ObamaCare’s overall disapproval rating is reaching critical mass. A clear majority of 54% disapprove of the law. This is the highest number in this poll. Only 36% approve.

Nancy Pelosi famously declared that ObamaCare would have to be passed in order for us to find out what was in it. Well, now that the public is finding out, they dislike ObamaCare all the more.

Though the American media will almost always amplify polls that show a majority of the public approving of a left-wing issue, look for that same media to all but ignore this poll.


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