Last Victim of Boston Bombing Leaves Hospital

Last Victim of Boston Bombing Leaves Hospital

Marc Fucarile, the last remaining victim of the April 15 bombing of the Boston marathon, has finally been released from the hospital.

Fucarile lost his right leg in the terror attack; during his 100-day stay, he underwent 49 separate surgical procedures. He was in a coma for a full week after the explosion that took his leg.

The 34-year-old roofer also suffered severe burns and a broken left leg from the blasts and still has a piece of shrapnel in his chest. Surgeons feared removing it as it was close to his heart.

He still faces more procedures, especially physical therapy to strengthen his arms, but Fucarile was able to leave the hospital under his own power.

Happy he’s alive, Fucarile had to thank the long list of doctors and nurses who cared for him these last months. He spent 45 days at Massachusetts General Hospital before being transferred to Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital.

Fucarile said he was just happy to be going home to be able to spend time with his son, Gavin. “I know I have the rest of my life–thank you to the people that were there that day. I’d go through 100 more procedures just to be able to go home with him,” he said.

Saying he missed many things about home, Fucarile was thrilled to be surrounded by his son and fiancee, Jen Regan.

“Just the simple things you brush aside, like family dinners,” Fucarile said. “Gavin hasn’t had his dad home for dinner in 100 days. Movie nights, cuddling… I’m excited, it’s really good.”

Meanwhile, suspected bomber Dzokhar Tsarnaev is preparing for trial. His defense team is being led by Miriam Conrad, the chief federal public defender for Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. San Diego Attorney Judy Clarke, a renowned death penalty lawyer, has also joined the team.