Washington D.C. Has Most Dishonest Residents

Washington D.C. Has Most Dishonest Residents

Quick, guess which part of America was found to be the most dishonest in a new study?

Sorry, no points for guessing correctly; it should have been obvious. The winner is… Washington, D.C.

Beverage company Honest Tea erected 61 unmanned kiosks across the nation which offered tea for $1 but only asked those drinking the tea to leave their dollar in a box placed close to the kiosk. Only 80% of residents of Washington, D.C. did so; the others simply drank and left. The next most mercenary area was West Virginia, at 85% honesty.

At the other extreme were Hawaii and Alabama, at 100%, followed by Indiana and Maine at 99%.

Overall, 92% of Americans paid the bill. Women were slightly more honest than men; women paid up 95% of the time and men 91% of the time.