Chicago Hosts Emergency Dem Gun Control Summit

Chicago Hosts Emergency Dem Gun Control Summit

Democratic representatives who are also members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) gathered in Chicago on July 26 to discuss “urban shootings” and “bring attention to an issue they say has reached epidemic levels.”

They represented their gathering as “a new chapter in the decades-old fight to tackle inner-city violence.” It is one they hope will take up the slack they see following gun control’s April defeat in the Senate.

According to The Hill, Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL) said the gathering “will shine light on the burgeoning problem of gun violence in Chicago and across the nation.” 

Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-OH) described the gathering:

We’re hosting this summit because now is the time to harness all the passion we have into one place, to get the CBC, the public and community leaders on one accord, and to help every individual understand their role in taking this movement for peace in a different direction.

“At least” 74 people were shot in Chicago over the July 4 weekend, 12 of whom died.This, in spite of Chicago’s strict gun control laws.

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