EXCLUSIVE–GOP Voters: Oust Congress Members Who Vote to Fund ObamaCare

EXCLUSIVE–GOP Voters: Oust Congress Members Who Vote to Fund ObamaCare

Polling data obtained exclusively by Breitbart News shows that self-identified conservative and GOP likely voters want their representatives in Congress replaced if they vote in favor of funding Obamacare, even if they had voted against the law in the past.

As Breitbart News reported on Saturday morning, the GEB International poll on behalf of Tea Party Patriots shows:

A total of 53 percent of likely voters polled answered in the affirmative when asked this question: “Would you vote to replace your member of Congress if he/she voted against [Obamacare], then to fund it?” Just 33 percent said no.

69 percent of self-identified conservatives responded yes, and only 21 percent said they would not. Similarly, 66 percent of self-identified Republican voters responded in the affirmative when asked that question, while only 23 percent answered negatively.

Self-identified independent voters answered 53 percent in the affirmative to 33 percent in the negative when asked that question. Moderates said yes 46 percent to 39 percent, too.

Democrats were nearly tied, with 41 percent saying yes to that question and 43 percent saying no.

With the upcoming Obamacare funding fight relating to the continuing resolution (CR), this revelation of where the public stands is interesting. The polling data shows that people want lawmakers to actually fight for what they claim they will in Washington, instead of just using the right rhetoric.

As the law’s healthcare exchanges go into effect from October until the end of the year and the individual mandate, which will require all Americans have healthcare begins in January, American voters will soon feel the economic pain of the law.

It appears the polling data shows the public will remember which lawmakers stood up for them, and which ones chose not to fight Obamacare in the CR, in the upcoming 2014 elections.