Florida Pedophile Puppeteer only Gets 20 Years

Florida Pedophile Puppeteer only Gets 20 Years

A Florida pedophile puppeteer who was caught before his plans to  kidnap, rape, murder and cannibalize toddlers came to fruition was sentenced on Monday to 20 years on pornography charges, although prosecutors had asked for a 30-year sentence. Ronald William Brown, 58, had images of dead children and other children in bondage on his computer when he was arrested last year.

Brown, who lived in a Whispering Pines trailer park in Largo, was first noticed by federal agents when they were investigating 48-year-old Robert Diduca, who was arrested on pornography charges. While monitoring chat rooms, they came across Brown chatting online about how there was a boy at church he wanted to kidnap, kill and eat. The investigators found Brown’s handwritten journals that showed he had been obsessing since 1993 about young boys he knew from his “puppet ministry” at Pinellas County churches.

One of Brown’s photographs showed parts of a boy’s body labeled “steaks” and ‘shanks.” One piece of evidence stated that Brown said he wanted to bind a child, put him in a closet and then feast on him at Easter. Another chat allegedly revealed Brown reveling in summer because the children around where he lived were “almost naked.” A third thread revealed him saying his “mouth watered” staring at a female toddler. WTSP TV in Largo reported that he allegedly asked Michael Arnett, from Kansas City, to help him kidnap and murder a child.

Brown, whose neighborhood has many children, also admitted his desire to strangle children. He performed at elementary schools, in shopping malls, for church groups and private birthday parties.

A neighbor, Robin Fuchs, said there are numerous children who were at risk: ‘They’re all passing his house every morning and afternoon. Some parents aren’t home and sending their kids on. They don’t know at all,’ she said.

Image from Puppets Plus