Hillary to Campaign with 'Fast Terry' in VA

Hillary to Campaign with 'Fast Terry' in VA

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will reportedly campaign for family friend and Democrat Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe in the coming months, reminding Virginians of the connections between McAuliffe and the Clintons and the scandals associated with both.

Politico reported on Tuesday that “Hillary Clinton also is expected to hit the campaign trail in some form for” McAuliffe. The news came a day after a film about McAuliffe’s questionable dealings and false promises, Fast Terry, was released.

As the film details, McAuliffe promised Virginians he would build an electric car manufacturing plant for his Greentech company in Virginia but ultimately decided to move the factory to Mississippi. 

There, he teamed up with Gulf Coast Funds Management, a company owned by the brother of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that secures visas for foreigners who invest in American companies.

Gulf Coast Funds Management, owned by Tony Rodham, reportedly pressed Homeland Security officials repeatedly to secure visas for wealthy Chinese nationals who invested $500,000 in ventures such as McAuliffe’s for a path to eventual American citizenship. Some of those investors reportedly included an official from Huawei, a Chinese telecommunications company accused of providing the Chinese government with sensitive information on American industries. 

McAuliffe was former President Bill Clinton’s chief fundraiser and is still a close confident. Many have posited that McAuliffe’s gubernatorial run is setting the stage for Hillary Clinton’s presidential run in 2016, which can only benefit if McAuliffe is governing one of the most important swing states in the country.