Numbers USA Director: Immigration Fight Pits Grassroots vs. 'Unpatriotic Billionaires'

Numbers USA Director: Immigration Fight Pits Grassroots vs. 'Unpatriotic Billionaires'

Roy Beck, the Executive Director of Numbers USA, claimed the immigration fight is ultimately one between grassroots, working class Americans and unpatriotic billionaires that simply want to increase the labor supply to reduce wages across all income levels. 

Appearing on Breitbart News Sunday on Sirius XM Patriot channel 125, Beck said the “biggest impact” of the Senate’s bill, if it becomes law, will be to “double importation of foreign workers” and decrease wages in professions across the economic spectrum. This is because the bill would allow for, in some medical and high-tech fields, an unlimited number of immigrants. 

Beck said the bill would close “up opportunity for American kids to go into these fields” while driving up the “deficit and debt while not stopping illegal immigration.”

He accused legislators like Sens. Marco Rubio (R-FL), John McCain (R-AZ), and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) of wanting the immigration bill badly because the “big money” and “big business” interests that are backing them want it even more badly. Beck claimed that “incredible profits” can be made if wages are lowered in certain industries by just “a nickel an hour.”

“It’s the grassroots against… the unpatriotic billionaires,” Beck alleged of the fight to host and Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon. “It’s a ground game.” 

Beck blasted those in support of comprehensive immigration reform that have ignored the “numbers” and the various projections made by nonpartisan organizations like the Congressional Budget Office that declared the bill would lower the wages of working class Americans. 

“To say numbers don’t matter is to say Americans don’t matter,” Beck declared. 

He said Silicon Valley interests want a narrow part of the bill but have been convinced they have to push for the whole bill in order to get their piece, and that is why they are pouring nearly $100 million into marketing campaigns to get comprehensive immigration reform passed. 

Beck said he was extremely pleased to see working class Americans of all races rally at the Black American Leadership Alliance’s “D.C. March for Jobs” and hoped it was the beginning of “what has to happen” to unite working class people of every ethnicity.

Beck said supporters of the comprehensive immigration bill often want to divide and conquer the working class. For instance, Beck said that if working class black Americans complain about the immigration bill, supporters of the bill imply that they are anti-Hispanic. 

He also criticized immigration reform advocates for cloaking the bill in “humanitarian interests” and emphasized how the immigration bill would disproportionately hurt Hispanics and blacks who are trying to get into the middle class, forever miring them in poverty. 

He urged Americans to go to the offices of Congressmen and attend rallies during the August recess to ensure the “piecemeal” immigration bills being drafted in the House do not make it onto the House floor. Breitbart News Sunday host Bannon said Representatives should be told that they will be voted out of office if they support the bill because self-preservation is the only thing they know. 

“Let them know if they vote for this, they are signing their political death warrant,” Bannon said. “That’s all they are gonna understand. These guys don’t understand anything but their self-preservation. There can’t be any nuance about this. We’re beyond nuance. If you vote for it, you’re gone.” 

Beck agreed, warning against a potential conference that will try to find a middle ground between the “bad” House bills and the “end of America” Senate bill.

Bannon reiterated how critical it is for working class Americans to pressure their Representatives to stop this version of comprehensive immigration reform.

“If you want to stop this and save this country, that’s what you gotta do,” Bannon said.