Weiner Paramour Leathers Bragged About Trading Sex for Cash

Weiner Paramour Leathers Bragged About Trading Sex for Cash

Sydney Leathers, the online paramour of New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, has reportedly bragged about trading sex for cash and collecting money from men she’d never met. She also bragged about drug use, “ruining” Weiner, and fears of blackmail, according to the UK Daily Mail. On her Facebook page, she bragged, “I’m seeing this one sugar daddy right now who pays me $1,000 to go down on me for half an hour. Swear to..cats.. (bible didn’t feel right).”

Her Facebook exchanges with friend Lou Colagiovanni are quite colorful. “He isn’t very good at it but I can fake it haha …. I don’t have to do anything except pretend I like it though so it’s not a bad gig lol,” she wrote.

She also said that she’d been on sugar daddy websites for a year, stating, “I get money from dudes I’ve never even met…People are super-pathetic. It’s funny. I have guys on the sugar daddy site message me over and over and over even though I don’t respond. One guy offered to marry me in the first message. Um dude, you have no f—ing clue who I am, you saw like 10 photos if that.”

Leathers also wrote, “Aside from wanting the money, I *NEED* to relieve some sexual frustration tomorrow.” She added, “Older men tend to be more generous. Married ones too.”

Of Weiner, she wrote, “Phone sex too lol We talked ALL the time. He even called in August, knowing I was on a train to Chicago, just to tell me about a sex dream he had about me. He did that kind of thing a lot. Was also obsessed with me wearing heels lol I had him on a pedestal for sooo long. But now I know he’s human and it’s disappointing lol.” She added, “I shall ruin his campaign one way or another. Muahahaha.”

Leathers was convicted of pot possession in 2008, and talked frequently on Facebook about her love of marijuana.