Al Gore Training 1,500 Leaders for 'Climate Crisis' Push

Al Gore Training 1,500 Leaders for 'Climate Crisis' Push

Al Gore is pulling together “a mini army of ‘climate leaders'” to pressure governments and corporations around the world to “adopt policies aimed at reducing global warming.”

The Washington Examiner reports that Gore will meet with these leaders July 31 in Chicago, as he holds his second “climate reality corps training session” for this calendar year. He held his first training session in Istanbul.

The training is part of Gore’s “Climate Reality Project,” which “is dedicated to unleashing a global cultural movement demanding action on the climate crisis.” Gore uses the training sessions to show leaders how to talk about carbon burning and to push for reductions around the world. 

Following training, “climate leaders are expected to perform ten acts of leadership, which could include organizing an event, speaking at a seminar or writing a column in a paper.” 

At least one attendee at the training session in Istanbul said Gore’s speech on global warming moved her “to tears.”

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