Obama's Organizing for Action Launches 'Truth Team'… Again

Obama's Organizing for Action Launches 'Truth Team'… Again

Tired of your neighbors slamming President Obama? Sick of that darn Fox News? Well, all new for 2013, Team Obama has launched yet another site where you can “fight back”: behold, “The Truth Team.”

If this seems a bit familiar, it should. During the 2012 election cycle, Obama used this handle to set up a website for people to tattle on those that disparaged his presidency.

But 2012 wasn’t the first time Obama created a snitching service for supporters. First, in 2008, Team Obama set up a website called “Fight the Smears.” The next year, Obama launched “flag@whitehouse.gov” where supporters could send Obama an email. Then in 2011 came the greatly ridiculed “AttackWatch.” And by the 2012 election cycle, Obama’s re-election campaign created the effort known as “The Truth Team.”

Now, in 2013, Obama’s former campaign outfit, now re-branded “Organizing for Action,” is sticking with the “truth team” meme and launching a new page offering talking points to Obama supporters to get the facts. Apparently not much has changed between “Obama for America” and his new “Organizing for Action.”

In fact, the “new” organization is at the old campaign web address: www.BarackObama.com.

In an August 1 OFA campaign email, Governor Deval Patrick was pleased to announce the new effort, calling it a webpage staffed by “a dedicated group of supporters who want to push back against the lies, myths, and misunderstandings out there with cold, hard facts.”

“By signing up for Truth Team,” the email sales pitch promises, “you’ll get tip sheets, regular updates, and all the facts and figures you need to make sure your friends, family, and coworkers know the facts. OFA will never send you something that isn’t backed up by a source you can check out for yourself–you’ll always be able to feel confident about passing things along.”

In Gov. Patrick’s name, the email also disparages those that criticize Obamacare. These critics only want to “hurt the President even if it hurts the country,” the email claims, calling criticism, “Just disgusting.”

Naturally, the OFA email ends with the ubiquitous plea for a “$5 or more” donation.