Eliot Spitzer: Mistress Rumors Don't Merit Response

Eliot Spitzer: Mistress Rumors Don't Merit Response

Former state governor and current candidate for New York City comptroller Eliot Spitzer declined to deny on three different occasions Thursday that he had a mistress.

“I am so tired of the personal attacks and I’ve answered all those questions,” Spitzer said when asked the first time about an “extra-marital affair.”

When the New York Post asked a second time, Spitzer again did not deny he had a mistress.

“We’ve said everything we can say about that and these are attacks that are coming out of left field and frankly, you know, the public cares about what the public should care about,” Spitzer said. “The public frankly is a lot smarter in this regard than some folks in the media.”

When he was given a third chance to reportedly “reject” the rumors, Spitzer again would not deny them.

“I have said everything we’re going to say about this,” he said.

Spitzer resigned from his position as New York governor in 2008 after revelations that he solicited prostitutes.

This week, Roger Stone–the Richard Nixon loyalist, Spitzer enemy, and GOP strategist–tweeted that Spitzer had a mistress who would be revealed Tuesday. Spitzer recently brought on Lis Smith, who did online rapid response for President Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign, for communications help. 

The Post has also reported that Spitzer and his wife, Silda, are living apart, with his wife living with their three daughters. Silda Spitzer reportedly intends to file for divorce after the election.