42 Abortion Clinics Closed in 2013 over Filthy, Unsafe Conditions

42 Abortion Clinics Closed in 2013 over Filthy, Unsafe Conditions

Forty-two separate abortion clinics have been closed across the nation this year due to a failure to pass even the most basic standards for cleanliness and safety.

LifeNews reports that the latest is an abortion clinic in Asheville, North Carolina.

In the wake of the shocking Kermit Gosnell trial in Philadelphia, states such as Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Texas have passed new requirements to insure patients’ safety at abortion clinics. As these new regulations are enforced, the safety and cleanliness of many abortion mills are found wanting.

One of the reasons the Gosnell trial was so shocking is that the Philadelphia clinic was so filthy and featured parts of deceased fetuses and other medical waste discarded throughout the clinic. The safety and cleanliness of the place were dangerously lacking and put patients’ lives in jeopardy.

Consequently, after North Carolina passed its new regulations, the Asheville clinic failed to pass the newly enacted rules for basic safety and cleanliness with health conditions that put patients at risk. 

The 42 clinics that have been closed due to similar violations, “far eclipses the 24 abortion clinics that closed in 2012. Since 1991, over 70% of all abortion clinics in the U.S. have closed,” LifeNews reports.

“This is a wake-up call for abortion supporters. What they thought was a clinic that could meet high standards ended up being one with practices so shoddy and conditions so dangerous that it is not fit to operate. Many abortion supporters fought to oppose the new law. In reality, they were fighting to keep abortion clinics dangerous,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman in LifeNews.com’s report. “This is the reality of abortion clinics today. We have yet to find one that complies with all laws and safety codes. The public health would be best served if they were all closed.”

Texas enacted a similar law that abortion supporters feared would lead to the closing of abortion clinics in the Lone Star State. But those that favored the law pointed out that the law would actually protect the health of those seeking abortions.

After the Gosnell trial, Pennsylvania also enacted a law to place new safety standards on abortion clinics. As a result of the law, three clinics were closed in the Keystone State due to violations.