Business Leaders, Citizens Demand Filner's Resignation

Business Leaders, Citizens Demand Filner's Resignation

More citizens and business groups have demanded San Diego Mayor Bob Filner resign in light of sexual harassment allegations against him. So far, 10 women have accused him of sexual harassment; Filner started therapy Monday morning.

The San Diego Port Tenants Association said Filner’s behavior is having an impact on local businesses. President Sharon Bernie-Cloward is one of the 10 women who accused Filner. She said he groped her backside in 2010 while he was in Congress.

Chairman Bill Hall released this statement:

Considering his acts of degrading and inappropriate behavior towards women, Bob Filner cannot execute the duties of his office and should immediately resign as mayor of San Diego.

The case is causing major distractions; Filner’s office is consumed by the lawsuits, leaving him and his associates unable to help out local businesses. Additionally, the lawsuits are giving San Diego a negative image, thus impacting tourism or any business wanting to expand to San Diego.

It also contended Filner’s conduct “has directly affected employees and members of SDPTA businesses in a degrading and profoundly damaging manner. His behavior continues to compromise the ability of member businesses to manage significant issues critical to business operations, government relations and outreach.”

San Diego’s ABC affiliate released a poll Monday morning that showed the majority of local citizens want Filner out of office. They asked 600 people and 77 percent of respondents said they think the mayor should resign. Sixty-eight percent said they back a recall if he does not resign. Only 16 percent think Filner should stay in office.