Palin to Donors: Don't Be Intimidated by Media Harassment

Palin to Donors: Don't Be Intimidated by Media Harassment

A week after the Daily Beast harassed private citizens who donated to former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s political action committee, Palin told her supporters not to be intimidated by the media’s attempts to weaken her political organization that has proven to be effective in backing and electing conservative candidates. 

In a letter to SarahPAC supporters, Palin wrote, “Your support has given us a platform to articulate a commonsense conservative message to counter those who only go along to get along with an invasive and corrupt big government.” She stressed that “your donations have allowed us to highlight, support, and elect great conservatives who are leading the charge daily to save our country.”

“Don’t let the critics or the media get you down when they try to intimidate you. They wouldn’t be making such a fuss about SarahPAC supporters if they weren’t aware of how much you have accomplished and how important your support is to changing D.C.,” Palin wrote. “Just remember – if we weren’t making great strides in breaking up their mighty establishment, they wouldn’t waste time attacking us.”

As an example of what has to change in Washington, Palin noted that “Congress made sure their taxpayer-funded health care plans won’t be affected by Obamacare” before taking off for the August recess.  

“You see, despite forcing the rest of us into Obamacare, they made sure they won’t have to suffer under it like We the People,” she wrote. “This shameless power play by our ruling class in D.C. is precisely why our work isn’t done.” 

“The status quo has got to go,” Palin declared. “We’ve got to take them on election cycle after election cycle until we break up their corruption and crony capitalism and restore our great nation.”

Palin thanked her supporters for bucking the establishment. 

“I want to thank all of you who have donated your time, hard-earned money, and efforts to support SarahPAC,” Palin wrote. “We have accomplished an incredible amount together over the last two election cycles, and we somehow did it without the help of the ‘wise’ sages from Washington’s permanent political class. In fact, we bucked them every step of the way and achieved incredible tangible results.”