Sign Up for ObamaCare Over the Phone!

Sign Up for ObamaCare Over the Phone!

Last month, the government announced that it wouldn’t verify an individual’s self-reported income for ObamaCare subsidies. Simply claim you qualify for a subsidy and you will receive that subsidy. Today, we learn, that you don’t have to physically show up to claim coverage. You can sign up for coverage, and the subsequent subsidy, over the phone! 

EnrollAmerica, the non-profit heading up ObamaCare implementation issued a policy paper in February arguing for the acceptance of “telephonic signatures.” 

Effective assistance over the phone will play a key role in ensuring that health reform reaches the millions of Americans who will be newly eligible for coverage in 2014. Whether states are operating their own exchanges or partnering with the federal government, they can benefit from seeking out best practices in telephonic assistance and engaging diverse stakeholders to make the most of state IT development. 

A state Health Secretary brought this to Breitbart News’ attention because they first thought this was a joke. 

I ran across this document from Enroll America that says states must be prepared to accept telephonic signatures for enrollment applications into Medicaid and CHIP.  The “signature” would consist of a recorded audio file of an individual audibly “signing” their application.  So much for integrity in the attestation process.  Have you all heard this, or is this a propaganda piece?  If it is true, that’s obviously a huge concern.

We are less than two months away from the full implementation of ObamaCare. It is going to be a disaster.