Christie Signs 10 New Gun Bills Into Law

Christie Signs 10 New Gun Bills Into Law

A month after saying New Jersey has “enough gun laws” already,  Governor Chris Christie signed 10 of 13 new gun control bills into law on August 8.

While many of these laws were described as “non-controversial,” they point to way to the three remaining bills which are extremely controversial and which now await Christie’s signature

Regarding the laws signed on August 8, The Washington Free Beacon reported one included rules disqualifying “any person on the federal terrorist watch list from obtaining a firearms identification card or [a permit] to purchase handguns.” Another exempts “firearm licenses from public records requests.”

Some of the other bills Christie signed into law expand state laws already in place or increase penalties for state laws regarding unlawful possession of firearms. 

One of the three remaining bills changes the way New Jersey issues firearms permits and requires residents to complete a safety course before being allowed to exercise their right to “keep and bear arms.” Another bans .50 caliber rifles, although .50 cals are never used in crime and are so cost prohibitive that only wealthier Americans can afford them. 

The last of the three remaining bills will require a background check for every gun purchase in New Jersey. This law vastly expands the governments role in gun purchases and is similar to one that was passed in Colorado earlier this year when Democrats overdosed on gun control.

Christie is expected is sign all three remaining bills.

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