Dem Guide Cites 'Trayvon Martin Killing' as Example to Push Gun Control

Dem Guide Cites 'Trayvon Martin Killing' as Example to Push Gun Control

A recently uncovered Democrat anti-gun “guide” titled “Preventing Gun Violence Through Effective Messaging” urges politicians to use high profile gun incidents–like the “Trayvon Martin killing”–to cower pro-gun politicians and silence the NRA.

The guide was compiled before the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary; the Washington Examiner reports it is “likely” it provided the blueprint for the gun control push that followed that heinous crime. 

For example, the guide says “the most powerful time to communicate is when concern and emotions are running at their peak.” This gives context to the blitz of Democrat-sponsored gun control proposals that poured in while the nation was still grieving in the days after the crime at Sandy Hook took place.

According to the anti-gun guide:

A high-profile gun violence incident temporarily draws more people into the conversation about gun violence: incidents including Columbine, Virginia Tech, Tucson, the Trayvon Martin killing, Aurora, and Oak Creek. When an incident such as these attracts sustained media attention, it creates a unique climate for our communications efforts.

“Preventing Gun Violence Through Effective Messaging” was crafted by “three Democrat firms led by the polling and research outfit Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research.” Once created, it was adopted as a blueprint for fulfilling gun control aspirations.

It it important to note that this is the same method that was successfully used to push Obamacare. 

Breitbart News reported that in 2007, Robert Creamer, the imprisoned leader of Citizen Action/Illinois, wrote, Listen to Your Mother: Stand up Straight! How Progressives Can Win. The book provided talking points for wearing down the opposition to universal healthcare. 

Obama strategist  David Axelrod and other Democrats embraced it, and three short years later–in March 2010–Obamacare was shoved onto the American people. 

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