Graham Challenger: 'Amnesty Does Not Sell' in South Carolina

Graham Challenger: 'Amnesty Does Not Sell' in South Carolina

A primary challenger to South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said the incumbent Senator may be vulnerable in 2014 because his embrace of the Senate’s immigration bill has angered South Carolinians who are against amnesty for illegal immigrants. 

Nancy Mace, who is the first female graduate of The Citadel, appeared on Breitbart News Sunday on Sirius XM Patriot channel 125 and said it was unfair to legal immigrants to award those whose first step was breaking the law. 

The 35-year-old wife, mother, and small-business owner said, though, that the Senate contest will be a “David versus Goliath type of race” and acknowledged it would be a “formidable challenge” and an “uphill battle” to knock off one of Washington’s most establishment Republicans. 

Graham, who was a part of the Senate’s Gang of Eight that wrote the comprehensive immigration reform bill, has been harshly criticized from the right for his enthusiastic embrace of the bill. But Graham has a significant fundraising advantage over his opponents as an incumbent establishment Republican. 

Still, Mace said South Carolinians are “very frustrated” because they believe Washington lawmakers are out of touch and think they know “better than the people.”

For instance, Mace said the Gang of Eight in the Senate claimed the immigration bill would be deficit neutral when hardly anything in Washington is revenue neutral. 

“When was the last time government gave us a number that was actually accurate?” she said.

Mace also acknowledged that many of the country’s illegal immigrants are those that who overstayed their visas, something the Senate immigration bill would exacerbate. She said Republicans do not need to pander to various groups with comprehensive immigration reform bills and, “overall, the biggest voting bloc is common sense, and I would like to see more of it.”

She also pointed out that Obamacare, which has turned out to be a disaster, was a “comprehensive” type of legislation like the proposed immigration reform bills–and that similarity has made South Carolinians distrust the comprehensive immigration reform measures being proposed. 

“People are frustrated,” she said. “They believe Washington is out of touch.”