'Republican Strategist' Navarro Was Unpaid Volunteer on Huntsman Campaign

'Republican Strategist' Navarro Was Unpaid Volunteer on Huntsman Campaign

Ana Navarro, the “Republican strategist” who personally insulted Congressman Steve King (R-IA) on NBC’s Meet the Press last Sunday, served as the National Hispanic Chairperson for Jon Huntsman’s failed Presidential campaign in 2011 and 2012. Unlike most Republican strategists who make a living by being paid for their services, Ms. Navarro’s role with the Huntsman campaign was as an unpaid volunteer.

According to Federal Election Campaign records, the Huntsman Presidential campaign made no expenditures payable to Ms. Navarro personally, as was the case with more than sixty paid staff members who received payments from the campaign classified under the “payroll expense” category. In addition, Breitbart News was unable to identify expenditures made by the campaign to any consulting firm with which Ms. Navarro claims to be associated. 

A source with knowledge of the Huntsman campaign’s operation confirmed to Breitbart News that Ms. Navarro was not paid as a strategist by the campaign.

Ms. Navarro is currently a political contributor at CNN and is affiliated with Politic365, which describes itself as “the premier digital destination for politics and policy related to communites of color.”