Giuliani to Host Fundraiser for Christie

Giuliani to Host Fundraiser for Christie

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani will host a fundraiser for the reelection campaign of Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

According to The Hill, the “$3,800 a person fundraiser on Aug. 24” will be held in Southampton, NY.

Christie is expected to win reelection this year in New Jersey and believed to be preparing a run for president in 2016.

As The Hill notes, though, “some observers have compared Christie to Giuliani unflatteringly. While Giuliani was seen as the early front-runner in 2008’s presidential race — much the same way Christie is seen today — he failed to win any primary state before ending his campaign.”

Aware that he did not appeal to conservatives in the early primary states, Giuliani went “all-in” to try to win Florida in 2008. He lost Florida, and ultimately ended up spending nearly $50 million for one delegate. Mike DuHaime, who was Giuliani’s campaign manager in 2008, is one of Christie’s chief political strategists.