Powerful Defense of America's Judeo-Christian Values

Powerful Defense of America's Judeo-Christian Values

In an uncompromising and brilliant defense of American Judeo-Christian values, Rabbi Aryeh Spero’s book Push Back is a timely and powerful guide to the kind of force required to send the American pendulum back toward traditional American values. Spero, who was the first rabbi to endorse Ronald Reagan for president, takes no prisoners as he trains his lens on those who would destroy America from within, whether they be Barack Obama, Marxists, Islamists, multiculturalists, 60’s radicals, or all their assorted cohorts on the Left.

Spero argues cogently that the battle must be won by more than books, or media, newspapers. As he writes:

Many conservatives think that articles, books, blogs, talk radio, and Fox News can win the battle for us. They cannot. These things merely verify our beliefs., which is certainly good. But only action on the ground, in the streets, at meeting halls, in protests, at school boards, local community councils, zoning boards, state houses, and in the offices of congressmen will win the battle.

Spero writes with a profound love for his country; as he writes, “We should teach our children about America not only abstractly, but also with our heart, as something we deeply love.”

He adds:

It is not for Obamaites to reinterpret who we are or suggest what we are allowed to say and do. Nor is it for the President to tell us “America is not a Christian nation” or that “Islam has always been part of America.” For four hundred years we have defined ourselves as a Judeo-Christian country . . . We are not floating tumbleweeds to be pushed around by every new fad or ism, but hearty oaks grounded in an ancient soil that predates Karl Marx and his call for class warfare. Our Biblical roots were robust and clarifying before there was a United Nations or a Barack Obama.

There is far more in this book than can be covered here; suffice it to say that Spero’s book is a fascinating study of history, past and present and an clarion call to action. As he writes, “We Americans need to choose to continue to live by the Judeo-Christian moral heritage that preceded Obamaism by thousands of years. Yes, we can.”