Orlando Clinic Offers $100-Off Coupon for Sunday Abortions

Orlando Clinic Offers $100-Off Coupon for Sunday Abortions

The Orlando Women’s Clinic has posted a video ad on YouTube that offers a coupon for $100 off the regular price of abortions–on “Sundays only,” Life News reports.

In a video depicting attractive young women posing in fashionable clothing, the ad could pass for one for a destination clothing store, were it not for the occasional “Abortion Clinic $100 off Coupon” line drifting through the images.

At its YouTube page, the abortion center provides this defense of its coupon:

There are those that say that the Women’s Center are offering women of low income a coupon to have their abortion procedure performed. There are others that say we are targeting the poor and the vulnerable by offering our $100.00 off abortion clinic coupon in the State of Florida. First and foremost, any out of State woman is able to use our coupon. The $100.00 off abortion clinic coupon is not just available to the poor or indigent. It is available to all women who wish to use our services for first trimester abortions performed either surgically or by the Abortion Pill process. Our Abortion Pill Procedures are performed from 3 to 24 weeks gestation and are completed in 24 hours or less. Please read about the second trimester or late term abortion completed in 24 hours or less by going to http://womenscenter.com/medical_abort…

Please call and ask questions and schedule your appointment today. Please bring in your $100.00 off Abortion Clinic Coupon at the time of your appointment to receive the discount.

Two weeks ago, Life News reported that the Orlando clinic was sending coupons for $50-off Sunday abortions to low-income women. A Florida Right to Life investigation revealed that one of the clinic’s abortionists is James Scott Pendergraft, a man who has reportedly lost his medical license five times in Florida and whose abortion center has been known to have conditions similar to that of Kermit Gosnell, the Philadelphia abortionist who was recently convicted of murdering babies who had survived late-term procedures.

Life News observed that in 2011, Pendergraft was ordered to pay the survivor of a botched abortion nearly $37 million in damages for injuries she suffered from the abortion. Despite the fact that Pendergraft’s license has been suspended five times by the Florida Board of Medicine, he continues to operate five abortion clinics in Florida, mostly in the Orlando area.

Photo Source: Orlando Women’s Center