Avant-Garde Preschool Teaches Yoga, Body-Painting

Avant-Garde Preschool Teaches Yoga, Body-Painting

In New York City, Maria Dantos is opening her “anti-preschool” for children 3 months to 5-years-old. A few lessons include Latvian memory games and 2-year-olds eat sardines while pretending to be dolphins.

Dantos worked at preschools on the Upper West Side, but opened her in-home preschool when she tired of the traditional ways of teaching. 60 children are signed up for her new school. From Business Insider:

“I have a more holistic approach to education. It’s not the corporate thing,” said Dantos, whose preschool is the outgrowth of a small, popular in-home daycare that had a waiting list of 100 kids.

“It’s like Brooklyn comes to Manhattan,” she added.

She claims the different approaches to teaching are a selling point. Babies are taught yoga and have their bodies painted. Kids can dress up in kimonos and will fall asleep to Sigur Ros at nap time. She said the prerequisites for kindergarten will be included in the curriculum so the kids are prepared. 

Dantos will involve the parents as much as possible. They may visit, as long as they call first, and will decide the holiday policies. She set the hours 8AM – 6PM to help working parents. However, tuition starts at $2,100 and goes down, as the child gets older.