Grocery Store Demands Woman Remove 'Sex Toys for Filner' Recall Sign

Grocery Store Demands Woman Remove 'Sex Toys for Filner' Recall Sign

Since August 18, self-described “little old lady” Valorie Matthews has been hosting a table outside a grocery store urging San Diegans to sign petitions to recall troubled Mayor Bob Filner, but as a joke she has also had a sign on a bucket urging donations of used sex toys to Filner. Now the grocery store wants the satirical sign removed.

Mayor Filner has been under fire for months over the countless allegations of sexual misconduct leveled against him, but despite the overwhelming calls for him to resign, he is refusing to leave office.

As a result, an official recall effort was launched last week. Matthews has been part of the effort since it began and has been hosting her petition table outside the Albertsons Grocery store on Waring and Zion in San Diego since day one.

Along with her recall petitions, though, Matthews has included a bit of an off color joke. She has a sign that reads, “Save the women of S.D. Donate your new & gentley [sic] used sex toys to Filner or sign the recall petition.”

She also had a bucket with a sign that said, “Sex Toys for Filner.”

But her ribald signs have gotten the store upset and it is now demanding she remove them.

In a statement issued to NBC 7 in San Diego, Lilia Rodriguez, a representative of Albertsons, said that the sign isn’t appropriate for the store’s customers.

“Ms. Matthews has also chosen to put a sign that has an adult theme which is not appropriate for children or our family-friendly environment. We’ve explained to Ms. Matthews that she can continue to collect petition signatures at our stores if she removes the sign. Unfortunately, she has refused,” the statement reads.

For her part, Matthews is undaunted. “This is the United States of America,” she defiantly said. “I can say anything I want, anywhere I want to anyone I want.”

“I’m the rarest of all women,” she brashly continued. “I have a mouth, a brain to back it up and the guts to use both.”

As Channel 7 says, “So far Matthews has collected 300 signatures for the ‘Recall Bob Filner’ campaign and zero sex toys.”