Exclusive Videos: U.S.-Mexico Border Unprotected Near Cartel Hotspot

Exclusive Videos: U.S.-Mexico Border Unprotected Near Cartel Hotspot

The U.S.-Mexico border has once againproved to be unsecured in many regions, wide open for illegal immigration andcartel activities such as drug smuggling, human trafficking, and humansmuggling from a wide array of nations–from Mexico to the Horn of Africa.

Exclusive Breitbart video shows an area less than two miles fromInterstate 10 (I-10) and an hour drive from both El Paso, Texas andJuarez, Mexico–a cartel hotspot with more murders than Afghanistan. Since its waters are diverted for farmers, the Rio Grande River in the areais dry, less than five feet across, and forms a stream bed that is only a few feet deep.

There were no Border Patrol cameras visible in the area, and only one female Border Patrol agent was present on a several-mile stretch of theborder. I drove the area for ten minutes before seeing the agent. 

This is significant in light of recent news that a MexicanNational who illegally entered the U.S. through a hole in the borderfence finally admitted his role in the 2009 killing of a U.S. Border Patrol officer.The slain agent, as in this area of I-10, was alone on a secluded stretchof border when at least four Mexican Nationals illegally crossed intothe U.S., lured the border patrol agent, trapped him, then killedhim to take his night-vision goggles.

Despite these conditions, U.S. Border Patrol leadershipintends to reduce the work hours of Border Patrol agents by up to onethird, according to Stu Harris, Vice President of the National Border Patrol Council Local 1929. The cuts would affect the same sector in which the lone female agent from the video wasworking.

The only security I encountered after traversing the unprotected stretch of border can be seen in the video below. That was the last sign of Border Patrol on my trip driving several hundred miles north through Texas.