Tea Party Group to Hold Event for Lindsey Graham Challengers

Tea Party Group to Hold Event for Lindsey Graham Challengers

In Spartanburg, SC on Labor Day, national Tea Party activist Dustin Stockton’s Western Representation PAC will be holding a classic car contest and candidate forum for all the Tea Party candidates running against Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) in the state’s Republican primary, Breitbart News has learned.

Richard Cash, Nancy Mace, and state Sen. Lee Bright will each attend the candidate forum. The forum will be held in conjunction with a Labor Day “Cruise In” with prizes for best car ranging from $500 for first place to $250 for second and $100 for third.

“Spartanburg is home to a thriving auto-manufacturing community and home of a BMW plant,” Stockton, the Chairman of Western Representation PAC, said in a release provided to Breitbart News. “We know that we can’t compete with Graham in a bidding war over the airwaves. So we have to find unique and even ‘low-tech’ ways to reach out to the people of South Carolina, and an awesome event is better than an annoying commercial.”

Stockton explains that by holding a car show, Tea Party groups like his can tap into local culture to transcend politics and connect with voters. “By having a carshow that doesn’t emphasize politics, by offering a prize pool, we hope to add something of value to their community in exchange for people allowing us to tell them what we know about Lindsey Graham,” Stockton said. 

“The Western Representation PAC has made Graham their top target in 2014 and plan to keep returning to the state and is considering other innovative ways to tap into culture,” he said. “Maybe when we come back we’ll hold the biggest Karaoke contest SC has ever seen.”

Breitbart News is planning to cover the event on site and will have an in depth look at each of the candidates for readers afterwards.