Wendy Davis Raises $1.2M in Six Weeks After Abortion Filibuster

Wendy Davis Raises $1.2M in Six Weeks After Abortion Filibuster

Democrat Wendy Davis, the Texas state senator who became a liberal darling when she filibustered a bill that would make abortion illegal after 20 weeks, has raised $1.2 million in six weeks since her June filibuster. 

Davis, who said she would make a decision on whether to run for governor after Labor Day, has delayed that announcement while taking care of her ailing father. 

Though Davis’s profile has been considerably enhanced on the national stage, Politico notes “Davis raised most of her funds from small donors,” reporting “almost 24,000 individual donors — with an average donation to her campaign of about $52.”

In addition, the analysis found that 60 percent of her funds came from Texans, and her largest contributor “was Fort Worth investor and businessman Sid Bass, who gave $100,000.” Annie’s List, which raises money for female Democrats running for office in Texas, pitched in another $50,000. 

If Davis decides to run for governor, she may face Texas Republican Attorney General Greg Abbott, who reportedly has more than $20 million in his campaign war chest. And if she ultimately passes, she will run for reelection as a state senator.

Regardless, Davis’s fundraising numbers show that there are plenty of wealthy liberals–inside and outside of Texas–willing to donate. In addition, her filibuster seems to have galvanized some of the liberal grassroots, based on the small-dollar donation figures.