NY's Gillibrand Stumps for Colorado Senator Facing Recall

NY's Gillibrand Stumps for Colorado Senator Facing Recall

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) is urging New Yorkers to stand up to the NRA by supporting Colorado state senator Angela Giron (D) financially.

Giron is facing recall elections for her roll in the passage of gun control laws that ban rifle and pistol magazines larger than 15 rounds, require a background check for every gun purchase, and put in place rules on possession that leave Colorado gun owners uncertain as to whether a background check is required simply to loan a gun to friend (or even to get one’s gun back after loaning it).

Gillibrand tweeted on Tuesday: “Pls join me in standing up to @NRA by supporting #CO’s @SenGiron in her effort to defeat the recall.” Gillibrand’s tweet contains a link to a donation page where money can be given in support of Giron.

Giron is already enjoying the benefit of having operatives from Obama’s Organizing For America (OFA) run her Colorado office and has received at least $350,000 in support from anti-gun activist New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

The recall election is on September 10.

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