AFL-CIO President Trumka Admits Obamacare Making Employers Cut Hours

AFL-CIO President Trumka Admits Obamacare Making Employers Cut Hours

As President Obama attempts to convince Americans that employers are not cutting employees’ hours to save their jobs from the costs of the Affordable Care Act, evidence to the contrary is piling up. 

Even the President of one of the largest private sector unions in the country has admitted that Obamacare is costing employees hours.

In a recent interview, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said employers are “restructuring their workforce,” giving employees fewer hours–and it’s all because of the negative impacts of Obamacare.

AFL-CIO PResident Richard Trumka: The Affordable Care Act does need some modifications to it, because as it does right now, what’s happening is, you have employers that the law says if you pay your, if your employees work 30 hours or more a week, you’ve got to give them healthcare. So they’re restructuring their workforce to give workers 29 and a half hours so they don’t have to provide them healthcare. They’re also doing some taxing to nonprofit plans to pay for for-profit plans.

Meanwhile, a growing list of up to 258 large employers in states all across the country have announced that they are cutting jobs and hours as a result of the impact Obamacare will have on their businesses, organizations, and institutions.

Employers such as Subway sandwich shops, Republic Foods (owner of Burger King), Royal Farms Convenience Stores, public institutions such as Southern Illinois University, Youngstown State University, as well as counties and government agencies on the state level are laying off employees and cutting the hours of others in order to steer clear of the fees and taxes imposed by Obamacare.

With this admission by one of Obama’s biggest boosters and largest political donors, the AFL-CIO casts further doubt on the claim that Obamacare is good for American’s jobs.