Major Progressive Group Opposes Obama's Syria Strike

Major Progressive Group Opposes Obama's Syria Strike

The nearly one million-member Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) circulated a memo Wednesday to Democratic lawmakers urging them to oppose President Barack Obama’s proposed strike on Syria and reported that 73% of members surveyed stand against the president.

“Your base opposes Syria military action,” states the memo from PCCC co-founders Adam Green and Stephanie Taylor.

PCCC says 81% of the 57,000 responses to its survey believed that “an initially-limited bombing campaign would lead to deeper involvement.” 

The progressive group says its members think something should be done but are split over what exactly to do about Syria. 

“Progressives believe we should do something about Syria–only 11% say do nothing,” the memo states. “38% say we need a diplomatic strategy involving the UN and other nations. 19% say pursue war crime charges in The Hague. 19% favor humanitarian aid. Only 11% prefer air attacks as the solution.”