Vote for Conservative Quin Hillyer in Alabama Special Election

Vote for Conservative Quin Hillyer in Alabama Special Election

A vote for Quin Hillyer for Congress in South Alabama’supcoming special primary election on September 24th is like gettingthe best of both worlds. Not only do youget the best possible principled conservative you could hope for, you’re alsogetting someone with the experience to be a skilled legislator for his constituentsfrom day one.

If you read conservative journalism, you know the name QuinHillyer. Quin has been my friend andcolleague for two decades and I can confirm firsthand that he has always been aprincipled, movement conservative. It isas if Quin was born with a conservative philosophy, as he started in politicswith his parents pushing him in a stroller while canvassing for presidentialcandidate Barry Goldwater. 

Quin’sfather, who attended the SharonConference in 1960 at the estate of William F. Buckley, was a CollegeRepublican friend of conservative legend Morton Blackwell. Morton is the founder of the LeadershipInstitute, which sets up seminars in Alabama and across the country to trainfellow conservatives on how to eloquently promote our views and win elections. Quin was one of LI’s first graduates. In his early teens, he was already a publishedwriter, defending President Ronald Reagan’s historic tax cuts in letters to theeditors of local newspapers.

Quin was there with me as a staffer working in the trenches onCapitol Hill during the Gingrich Revolution, when dozens of new conservativeMembers of Congress were elected to combat failed ideas like Hillarycare. Sound familiar? At all times, Quin embodied everything aboutthe “tea party” before the modern use of that phrase existed. Fast forward to today – if you send QuinHillyer to Congress, he’ll be there to get rid of Obamacare, get rid of job killinggovernment regulations, and to get our economy moving again with free marketsolutions.

While most politicians try to carefully poll test and limitthe views they express, Quin has a 17-year paper trail from a distinguishedjournalism career. If you have followedhis extensive body of work, you would know that a vote for Quin is like gettingto vote for Rush Limbaugh or Mark Levin. I am honored to have the chance to supportsuch a fine man for Congress. Myorganization’s political action committee, Citizens United Political VictoryFund, has already donated $15,000 to his campaign. I encourage you to support Quin’s efforts inany way you can. If you live in Alabama’sfirst congressional district, vote for him on September 24th. If you don’t, send him a few bucks to helphim get his optimistic message out!

As a true conservative, I know Quin will be guided by his corebeliefs and will be able to effectively navigate Congress with the Constitutionas his guide. Beholden to no specialinterest except The Founding Fathers, he will stand up for our conservativevalues, which are constantly under attack by Big Government liberals and waywardestablishment Republicans.

If you live in South Alabama in the 1st congressional district,please make sure you are registered to vote and pull the lever for Quin. And if you have friends or family in the district,please contact them and ensure they are registered and ready to cast their votefor Quin Hillyer on September 24th in the Republican primaryelection. Your support is essential toelect constitutional conservative Quin Hillyer to Congress!