Tea Party to Congress: 'No More Games' on Obamacare

Tea Party to Congress: 'No More Games' on Obamacare

At the “Exempt America” rally on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, the co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots said that lawmakers in Congress needed to remember that “all men are created equal” when they consider voting to defund Obamacare. 

If Obamacare is not ready for Big Business, Big Labor, or Big Government, it’s not ready for the American people,” Jenny Beth Martin said. “It is time for President Obama, Congress to do the fair thing and exempt America from Obamacare.”

Martin added that Americans “have not been offered such a delay or waiver” and are “stuck with the individual mandate for a bureaucratic law that the White House admits is simply not ready while our government picks and chooses which parts of Obamacare to ignore and which groups get exemptions.”

“We are a country where all men are created equal,” Martin said. “We expect our Congressmen and their staff to remember that when they vote. No more tricks. No more lies. No more games. Get it right. Get it right for the American people.” 

Martin’s Tea Party Patriots and Brent Bozell’s ForAmerica went on a multi-state “Exempt America” tour, and Tuesday’s blockbuster rally was a culmination of that effort. 

“Congress has a choice to make: stand up for the American People and do what is right for all Americans by funding the entire government and stop spending our hard earned tax money on Obamacare or stand with the special interests in DC: Big Business, Big Labor, and Big Government while sticking this disastrous law on the American People,” Martin said. “With the problems, delays, and exemptions in this law, the choice should be simple: stand with Americans and Exempt America.”

Martin concluded that those in Congress who consider themselves above the law yet are willing to spend our tax dollars to fund it are “cowardly and contemptible.”