Obama: Comprehensive Immigration Reform 'Still of Enormous Importance'

Obama: Comprehensive Immigration Reform 'Still of Enormous Importance'

Two days after he addressed a skeptical nation on Syria and asked congressional leaders to delay the vote on the authorization of force, President Barack Obama said of a cabinet meeting in the White House that passing comprehensive immigration reform was “still of enormous importance.”

Obama said that even though he has been “spending a lot of time on the Syria issue,” it is “still important to recognize that we have a lot more stuff to do here in this government.” 

Obama mentioned education, the budget, and then specifically mentioned the “rollout” of Obamacare, “where we’ve seen some tremendous progress.” Obama said he was confident that, when the healthcare exchanges go into effect in October, more Americans would get health insurance. He then pivoted to comprehensive immigration reform. 

“And we’re going to spend some time talking about issues like comprehensive immigration reform that are still of enormous importance to ensure that America grows,” Obama said of the cabinet meeting. 

Congress returned this week from its August recess and, though some Washington insiders feel comprehensive immigration reform will not be a top priority, Rep. Steve King (R-IA) mentioned on Breitbart News’s broadcast of the “Exempt America” rally on Tuesday that conservatives always needed to be vigilant for legislation that is “brought on the quick.”

“I’m not ready to declare victory,” King told Breitbart News, in reference to amnesty.