Brady Campaign: Coloradans Were for Gun Control Before They Were Against It

Brady Campaign: Coloradans Were for Gun Control Before They Were Against It

The day after the Colorado recall elections, Brady Campaign president Dan Gross said state senators John Morse (D-Colo. Springs) and Angela Giron (D-Pueblo) “were acting on behalf of…their constituents” when they supported gun control in March. Yes, “on behalf” of the same constituents who then threw them out of office on September 10.

In other words, Coloradans were for gun control before they were against it. 

Here is what Gross said:

By passing legislation to strengthen Brady background checks, Senators Morse and Giron were acting on behalf of the will and well-being of their constituents and standing up for a safer Colorado. Make no mistake, this recall reflects the interests of the corporate gun lobby and a small group of extremists not the citizens of Colorado.

In making this statement, Gross overlooks the fact that Morse and Giron refused to allow Coloradans to speak in opposition to gun control when it was being debated in March. At that time, Morse purposely switched up committee rules to keep pro-gun Coloradans from testifying. 

If they refuse to listen to their constituents, how can they know they are doing the will of their constituents?

Secondly, Gross continues the tired mantra of gun lobby money vs. the little guy. In reality, the pro-recall effort received approximately $500,000 in out-of-state money while the anti-recall effort received $1.5 million. In total, the ratio was $3 million against the recall vs. $540,000 for it

In other words, the corner in which the Brady Campaign stood had every financial advantage. 

The problem was that Morse and Giron’s districts did not support the gun control agenda–period.

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