Poll: Virginia Governor's Race Dead Heat

Poll: Virginia Governor's Race Dead Heat

A Roanoke poll released Thursday backs up what we have seen from other recent pollsters looking at the hotly contested and highly publicized contested governor’s race in Virginia. In a poll taken between Sept. 9 and Sept 15, the race is now statistically tied at 35% – 33%, with Democrat Terry McAuliffe holding an insignificant two-point lead over Republican Ken Cuccinelli.

With leaners, the race is even tighter, with McAuliffe holding just a single point lead,  37% – 36%.

A Quinnipiac poll taken over the same 6 days, shows McAuliffe with a mere three point lead, 44% – 41%.

Just last week, some in the mainstream media were declaring the race all but over. McAuliffe appeared to have an insurmountable lead. The race has been up and down, though. Back in April it was Cuccinelli who led in four polls in row.

With just six weeks until election day, the race is tightening with a large percentage of the population still undecided.


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