Sen. Sessions: Time to 'Defend Working Americans'

Sen. Sessions: Time to 'Defend Working Americans'

Ranking Member of the Senate Budget Committee Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) said in a speech Thursday that the moribund U.S. economy and cronyism have effectively waged economic war on the working class.

“‘Quantitative easing’ has boosted wealth in the investor class but has not benefitted the working class,” said Sessions. The result, he asserted, is a “permanent entrenchment of a political class that profits from the growth of government.” 

Sessions’s speech catalogued the harsh economic realities facing working Americans. 

“We’re missing 9.9 million jobs when we compare this economy to the one in 2007,” said Sessions. 

The Alabama Republican also highlighted America’s dramatic shift from full-time job availability to part-time work. “We have 1,988,00 fewer full-time jobs today than in December of 2007,” he stated. “However, we have 3,627,000 more part-time jobs…it’s not acceptable. These jobs often have no health care program or retirement plan.”

Sessions, a strong opponent of amnesty for illegal immigrants, said America’s grim economic condition should give amnesty proponents pause. 

“We’ve got to ask ourselves if we should bring into our country, through our immigration policy, more people than we have jobs for. Won’t that pull down wages and make it harder for people to get work?”

Sessions says he has directed his staff to conduct a detailed analysis of the crushing economic conditions facing working Americans. The findings of his office’s study will become the basis for a series of forthcoming speeches on the economic war on working Americans.