Oh Nancy!

Oh Nancy!

The outrageous things Nancy Pelosi says would be unintentionally hilarious if she hadn’t been given such a powerful position in government by the Democratic Party. This week in an interview with Politico, the House Democratic Leader claimed that President Obama has been “practically apolitical, certainly nonpartisan,” and claimed that Conservatives and Republicans want to take him down politically because “they know he is a nonpartisan president.” 

If you find yourself scratching your head as you read those words, welcome to the club.

In typical Nancy Pelosi fashion, the very person who lost the Democratic majority as Speaker resorted to personal attacks instead of acknowledging the policy differences between the two parties. Rhetoric like this lost Pelosi’s Democrats the House in 2010 and it’s going to lose them the Senate in 2014 too. The American people know better.

The over-the-top nature of Nancy Pelosi is what makes her the perfect attack dog for the flailing Obama Administration. As the pressure against implementing the President’s signature piece of legislation – Obamacare — grows larger by the week, the very man who Pelosi claims is “nonpartisan” and “apolitical” gave a speech this week blaming Republicans for the stalled economy and attacking Conservative and Republican policies. In 2008, Democrats and the members of the mainstream media tried to paint Obama as the post-partisan President, but after 5 years nobody is fooled.

Rhetoric like the President’s and Nancy Pelosi’s hurts Democrats and scares Independents. With the President’s policies failing and our economy still struggling, Americans are seeing that Republicans were right all along: Conservative policies work and are exactly what this country needs. Try as she might to rewrite history and spin tall tales, Nancy Pelosi can’t escape the truth — the President has had to sign several delays of his own flawed bill to protect Americans from his policies.

There just aren’t enough ways to explain how absurd comments like these from Mrs. Pelosi are. Obama’s nonpartisan? He’s apolitical? I know she’s counting on the lapdog media to stay silent and the American people to be completely detached from politics in Washington, but because of the President’s hyper-political time in the White House, we the people are all-too-aware of what’s going on. The rhetoric of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid will lead to a Republican majority in both the House and Senate in 2014 and will make the last two years of Obama’s presidency a joke. It’s fitting for Pelosi because this interview was just the latest joke in her ongoing routine as a leader in the Democratic Party.