Axelrod: Cruz's Followers 'Lemmings'

Axelrod: Cruz's Followers 'Lemmings'

David Axelrod, former adviser to Barack Obama, made a Tuesday appearance on MSNBC to comment on the members of the GOP backing Ted Cruz in his attempt to defund ObamaCare. Axelrod said:

Does Ted Cruz have a constituency in the Republican Party as a result of this (threat)? The answer is obviously yes… Why are all those primary candidates… when you look at these primary candidates, all of whom are taking this position, this crazy lemming-like position that Cruz is advocating, it gives you a sense of where the Republican Party is at and I think there’s going to be a hell of a battle in 2016 over who is actually in control of that party.

The House ‘s continuing resolution that funds the government but not ObamaCare is headed for the Senate, where Cruz wants to filibuster the bill so the Democratic majority cannot strip the defunding out of the bill. He also wants the House to refuse to pass a clean resolution missing any defunding language once it returns from the Senate. 

Cruz is fighting those in the GOP who claim Obama will never sign a funding resolution that defunds ObamaCare and also believe that Cruz’s position might hurt the party in future elections.

Having described the GOP as lemmings, Axelrod said, “Yes, the leaders of the party are taking a sensible position by opposing this, but the rank and file are taking a different position. At least the activists in that party [sic] and that’s going to be a big battle coming into the next presidential race.”